We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the most commonly asked questions about our shutters. If you have any other questions then please do email or call us.


  • Are your Shutters Made in Britain ?

Yes, we are proud to say our Shutters are manufactured in our own factory in Evesham in Worcestershire, with industry leading facilities. We are members of the 'Made in Britain' organisation as we met the criteria they set to guarantee the members are all British manufacturers.


  • What is the difference between your product and that of your competitors ?

Are Shutters are manufactured here in the UK unlike many of our competitors that still buy Shutters that are manufactured in China. Our Shutters are made up of the highest quality composite materials. On larger Shutter doors that are have louvres over 800mm wide we use reinforced louvres to provide additional stability. These type of Shutters are the biggest selling Shutter in Australia and the USA. We pride ourselves on producing a quality British product with excellent customer service.


  • What should I check for before I have a Shutter survey ?

The window needs to be complete- i.e. all the architrave, cill, handles and plaster are in place prior to a surveyor visit.


  • Can my Shutters be removed and replaced if i change my windows ?

If you are considering replacing your windows then we would strongly advise this takes place prior to us surveying/ fitting any shutters. The Shutters can be removed, but we will not undertake this. The Shutters/Frames can easily be damaged and as they are bespoke to your existing windows they may not line through to any new windows. Any if there is any new plasterwork/ cills required the Shutters may no longer fit.


  • What is the difference between your Shutter ranges ?

Deluxe Range- Standard Finish

Classic white Shutter, Pre painted in one shade- Snow White

Premium Range- Upgraded Finish

Painted in any colour, to colour match any current colour chart i.e. Farrow and Ball, Dulux or RAL colour. With colour coded hinges to match.

We use a specialist paint by AVKO, that is designed to adhere to PVC, amongst other things, that is a flexible yet exceptionally durable polyurethane coating.

Both ranges come with a 10 year guarantee.


  • What are the different Shutter styles ?

Tracked System – Sliding Shutters, Suitable for larger windows and spaces offering a wonderful practical way to screen areas. Tracked shutters are available in the full height style shutters.

Café – Covering just the lower section of your windows, maximise the light while still controlling privacy. 

Tier on Tier – Covering the whole window, but the top and bottom doors can open independently, offering a versatile shutter combination. 

Full Height - These traditional style shutters cover the entire window and open as one unit, creating a feeling of space. Clean and simple. 

Full Height with Louvre Split­ – Allow the top and bottom half (or specify any height) louvres to operate independently.

Full Height with Mid-rail – Over a certain height shutters need mid-rails for support. They also offer a divide in the shutter, allowing the top and bottom louvres to operate independently. 

Shaped Windows – Whatever shape or size the window there is a shutter for every space. (Not UK Manufactured)


  • What is a Louvre ?

A Louvre is the slat feature of the Shutter anatomy which tilts to filter the light. Louvres come in 63mm or 89mm widths.


  • What is a Tilt Rod ?

Tilt rods are the mechanism which operate the louvres on the Shutter panels. They are always vertical and can either be positioned centrally, offset or hidden, As opposed to the Hidden Tilt rod mechanism which is discretely hidden on the back on the Shutter on the hinge side.


  • What is a Mid-rail ?

A mid-rail is a section in the middle of the shutter panel. The mid-rail helps give the shutter strength. You will need this if the Shutter is over 1800mm in height.


  • Can the Shutters be used in a Bedroom as a form of Blackout?

Shutters block out a considerable amount of light due to the frame that is fitted and sealed around your window, but the light does however still seep between each of the louvres even when closed.


  • How long is the lead-time for my order ?

The lead time is approximately 3-4 weeks from the date of order confirmation/receipt of deposit for standard shutters, however this can increase at certain times during the year when demand outstrips supply.

Special shapes, wooden/MDF Shutters and custom colour matches have a longer lead-time of up to 12 weeks. Unfortunately any non UK manufactured shutters that are ordered are also subject to change and is completely out of our control.


  • How long are my Shutters guaranteed for ?

Our British Made Shutters are guaranteed for 10 years.

 Any other Shutters i.e. Shaped, Wooden or MDF, that are not manufactured by us are guaranteed for 3 years. 

(Always providing that the goods have not been subject to any misuse or modification).


  • How do I clean my Shutters?

Regular Maintenance

There are a few simple ways in which you can keep your shutters clean. Due to their design, with horizontal slats that can be opened and closed, regular upkeep simply takes the form of runny a clean lint free non-coloured cloth over the louvres, which will remove dust or dirt. A hoover using the soft upholstery brush attachment can also be used, tilting the louvres one way and then the other to vacuum along each side, taking care not to scratch the louvres or shutter surround.

Do not force the shutter louvres in the opposite direction to open them fully as this will break the mechanism.

A slightly damp cloth should be enough to remove any tougher stains.

In depth Cleaning-

We recommend a UPVC cleaner for cleaning your fauxwood shutters. It will help maintain the surface to keep that ‘as new’ look. Spray the UPVC cleaner onto a lint free non-coloured cloth and simply wipe over the louvres/frame. Using a fresh damp clean non-coloured cloth wipe away the residue and then dry thoroughly with a clean soft towel to avoid marks/spotting.


  • Do you offer any other types of Shutters i.e. Wood or MDF ?

We also offer Hardwood Shutters and MDF Shutters but these are not UK manufactured but made overseas in China and the lead time are substantially longer at approximately 12 weeks. Hardwood Shutters can warp and twist as they are a natural product and MDF can swell with moisture, they are no suitable in some rooms/homes and as a company we prefer our composite Shutters, which are suitable in all rooms in any type of home.


  • Do you do Shaped Shutters ?

We can also offer Composite/ UPVC Shaped Shutters and Shaped Hardwood Shutters but these are not UK manufactured but made overseas in China and the lead time are substantially longer at approximately 12 weeks.


  • Where do you buy your materials from?

We meet the criteria to be a member of 'Made in Britain' as we are a manufacturer making physical goods where raw materials/components have undergone a substantial and transformative change as a result of the manufacturing process in Great Britain, even though we import some of the materials and components needed to manufacture our Shutters from China, as well as from the UK.

Our Shutters are therefore deemed as our name 'British Made Shutters'.